4. Februar 2024

Easy Talk 1: Exercises

Still or sparkling water? mushrooms vegetarian Today’s special What do you prefer? The waitress is coming. beverages recommend diet coke shortly
Tagesangebot Was würden Sie empfehlen? Sprudelwasser Das klingt gut! Wir sind Vegetarier. in Kürze, gleich Speisekarte Ich bevorzuge Rotwein. Pilzrisotto alkoholfreies Getränk Beilagen

What is the correct translation of "today's special"?

Tick the right answer, please!

Listen and tick the correct translation, please!


Look at the picture, please! What kind of water is it?


What belongs to the soft drinks?

There are three correct answers!

Please listen and tick the right translation!



Please have a look at the picture.

What are the two right translations?


Please listen! What is the correct translation?


What is the meaning of "vegetarians"?

Tick the right answer, please!

What belongs to the beverages?

There are three correct answers!