26. April 2019

Easy talk Lesson 1


At the restaurant: Arriving and ordering drinks


Receptionist: Good evening!

Mr.Taylor: Good evening. I have a reservation, my name is Taylor.

Receptionist: Welcome Mr. Taylor, this way, please. Your server will be with you shortly.

Server: Good evening. Here are your menus.
Today‘s special is chicken with vegetables and a mushroom risotto.
Would you like to order some drinks?

Mr. Taylor: We would like two bottles of mineral water and two Diet Cokes for the children.

Server: Still or sparkling water?

Mr. Taylor: Sparkling, please. What wine would you recommend?

Server: We have a very good Chardonnay. Or do you prefer a red wine?

Mr. Taylor: No, Chardonnay sounds good. We’ll take that, please.