26. April 2019

Easy talk Lesson 1


At the restaurant: Arriving and ordering drinks


Receptionist: Good evening!

Mr.Taylor: Good evening. I have a reservation, my name is Taylor.

Receptionist: Welcome Mr. Taylor, this way, please. Your server will be with you shortly.

Server: Good evening. Here are your menus.
Today‘s special is chicken with vegetables and a mushroom risotto.
Would you like to order some drinks?

Mr. Taylor: We would like two bottles of mineral water and two Diet Cokes for the children.

Server: Still or sparkling water?

Mr. Taylor: Sparkling, please. What wine would you recommend?

Server: We have a very good Chardonnay. Or do you prefer a red wine?

Mr. Taylor: No, Chardonnay sounds good. We’ll take that, please.

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Please listen and tick the right translation!



What is the meaning of "vegetarians"?

Tick the right answer, please!

Listen and tick the correct translation, please!


Please have a look at the picture.

What are the two right translations?


What belongs to the beverages?

There are three correct answers!

What is the correct translation of "today's special"?

Tick the right answer, please!

Look at the picture, please! What kind of water is it?


What belongs to the soft drinks?

There are three correct answers!

Please listen! What is the correct translation?