30. Januar 2024

On the road again 28: Exercises

What a pity! unbelievable incredible What a coincidence! seafront How sad! wedding reception sunshade she wraps her arms It wouldn’t mind.
Was für ein Zufall! unglaublich Hochzeitsempfang wir müssen uns beeilen überhaupt nicht Das ist großartig! Sonnenschutz Wie schade! Ich kann es nicht glauben! jemanden ein Getränk spendieren/ausgeben

Look at the sentence, please!

What is the meaning of "could"?


Tomorrow we have free time. What could we do?

The word "return" has several (mehrere) meanings.

Please tick three right translations!




What is the meaning of "because"?

Choose the right answere, please!



Please listen and translate, tick the right answer!



Please translate!

"Wir sollten uns häufiger treffen."

Tick the right answer, please!


Please listen and tick the correct translation!



What is the meaning of "would"?

Please choose the correct translation!



Please have a look a the sentence below.

There are some more meanings of "to wrap". Please tick two of them!


Have a look at the picture, please!

What is the right term?