28. Januar 2024

On the road again 21: Exercises

I didn’t sleep at all! Please stay on the trails! wildlife permit campfire fishing rod temperature climate strange noises disturb
Ich hatte solche Angst. merkwürdige Geräusche Es war ein Bär. Becken Pflanzen und Tiere Ich habe Glück. Ich bin glücklich. Lagerfeuer Landschaft schützen Trinkwasser

What ist the correct translation for "actually"?

Caution - there is a similar (ähnliches) German word - but that is wrong!

What is the correct translation for "I am lucky"?


What can your hear?

Tick the two right answers, please!

What is the correct translation for "to stay together"?


Please listen and choose the right translation!


Please tick the correct translation for:

I eat vegetables at all!


Please listen and tick the right translation!



What is the meaning of "to be scared" ?

Tick the right answer, please!

Look at the picture, please!

Tick the right term!


What is part of the wildlife? Two answers are correct, tick them please!

What is the correct translation for "ein Foto machen"?