28. Januar 2024

On the road again 19: Exercises

How may I assist you? This is up to you! The hairdryer is broken. inconvenience overbooked hotel discount complaint wireless until midnight take care
anbieten Die Toilette ist verstopft. Das ist Ihnen überlassen. bis Mitternacht wir kümmern uns Beschwerde Wann werden Sie zurück sein? helfen, unterstützen Was ist los? kaputt sein sehr spät

What is the meaning of "to take care of something"?


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Two translations are right, tick them, please!



What is the meaning of "I am sorry" ?


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There are two different (unterschiedlichen) translations for "helfen".

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When is the time for dinner?

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Please look at the picture!

What are the two right terms ? Tick them, please!


What can you say instead of (anstatt) "I will not do...." ?

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What can you do, if you have an inconvenience at your hotel?

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What is the meaning of "to offer something" ?

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