25. Januar 2024

On the road again 18: Exercises

What will you do? How long will you stay? coins attire casual suit gambling gown gain dice
Abendgarderobe um Geld spielen Unterhaltung Münzen locker Verlust das klingt gut Glücksspielautomat Würfel Zeit nehmen Anzug

Please listen - then tick the two right answers!



What is the meaning of "to build a house" ?

Tick the right answer, please!

What are the correct translations for "class"? Please tick three right answers!




Please listen and tick the two correct meanings!



Please listen and tick the right answer!



What do you need (brauchen) for an "evening attire"?

Three answers are right!



Have a look at the picture, please!

What is the right term?



Look at the picture, please! 

What is the right term?