16. Januar 2024

On the road again 10: Exercises

available Do you have rooms available? For how many nights? understand breakfast inkluded breakfast buffet king size for example enjoy your stay art gallery elevator special offer room rate
Zimmerpreis verfügbar, frei Überbreites Bett Sonderangebot ich verstehe Frühstücksbuffet zum Beispiel schöne Aussicht Kreditkarte inklusive benötigen, brauchen hier, bitte schön

What is the meaning of:


"We are open all day." ?



Listen and tick the correct translation, please!


What is the correct translation for "Ermäßigung"?

Please tick the right answer!



Was könnte zu den "extras" gehören?

What could be part of the extra costs?

Three answers are right.

What is the meaning of "Here your are!"?'



Please translate and tick the right answer!


"Haben Sie freie Zimmer ?"


What is a double room?

Tick the right answer!



Look at the picture! What is the right term?