25. März 2024

Easy Talk 26: Exercises

payment to be fully booked we have no vacancies to go through whatsoever confirmation number to be overbooked stayment directly certainly
Zahlung komplett ausgebucht sein wir haben nichts frei durchlaufen, akzeptieren keinerlei Räume Bestätigungsnummer überbelegt sein Aufenthalt direkt, ohne Umweg gewiss, sicherlich

What are "vacancies"?

What is the meaning of "fully booked"?

Please tick the correct translation?

Please listen! What is the correct German word?



Please read, translate and tick the correct answer!

"There are no rentable cars whatsoever."

Please listen and choose the correct answer!



What is the correct translation for "Aufenthalt"?

Please listen and choose the correct transation!