25. März 2024

Easy Talk 24: Exercises

terms and conditions to collect to be kind with kind regards expiry date digit return journey beside entire order to select
Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen abholen, einsammeln freundlich sein mit freundlichen Grüßen Ablaufdatum Ziffer Rückfahrt neben gesamte Bestellung auswählen

What is the meaning of "to be kind"?

Attention: There are two correct answers.

What is the meaning of "entire"?


Please listen and choose the right translation, please!


What are the meanings of "to enter"?

Tick the  two correct answers, please!

Look at the picture, please!

What do the children do? What is the verb?


Please listen! What is the correct translation?


Buttons are on the smartphone or computer screen. You can click them for choosing something, to make a selection and so on.

Also, where do you find buttons?

Tick the correct answer, please!



Please listen and choose the correct answer!