21. März 2024

Easy Talk 20: Exercises

to approach cellar to hide earthquake to be concerned carefree anxious to chat to harm to owe something
einige wenige davon Erdbeben Naturkatastrophe sorglos Ziegel in Gefahr sein plaudern auf-/eintreten, passieren ängstlich sich nähern

Where is the lowest point of a house?

What is the correct translation of "schulden?



Please listen! What is the correct translation?


What is the meaning of "approaching"?

Tick the right answer, please!

Have a look at the picture, please! What do you see?


Please listen and choose the correct two answers!


What belongs to natural disasters?

Please choose the three correct answers!





What is the meaning of "serious"?


What is the opposite of "carefree"?

Attention: There are two correct answers, please tick them!



What is the meaning of "to harm some something"?