21. März 2024

Easy Talk 19: Exercises

my goodness awful it’s a pity to clear up promising to notice tube station enjoy your stay to be prepared it’s pretty cold
es ist ziemlich kalt merken U-Bahn-Station Hagel meine Güte aufklaren um die Ecke vielversprechend es ist schade genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt

What is the translation for "Hagel"?

What is the meaning of...


"We spent there all morning" ?

What is the translation for "to notice"?

What is the meaning of...

"We passed it some minutes ago" ?

What is the correct translation of "it's a pity"?

Please listen? What is the correct translation?


What can be promising? There are two correct answers. Please tick them!

What is the correct meaning of...

"It will last a little"?


Look at the picture, please! What is the right term?