16. März 2024

Easy Talk 18: Exercises

to guess fun fair anyway stage stalls performance gallery frequently theme park play
Jahrmarkt sowieso oft, häufig Bühne rang Vorführung übrige Karten Gang Freizeitpark meinen, denken

What's in a water park?

Tick the two correct answers, please!


Where do cultural events usually take place?

Please tick the three correct answers!


There are "aisles" in the theatre.

Where else can you find this term?

Please tick the two right answers!

Which sports take place in a stadium?

Tick the two correct answers, please!


What are two correct translations for "tonight" ?


What do you find in a theatre?

Attention, there are several correct answers.

Listen and tick the correct translation, please!


Please listen and tick the correct translation!


Please tick the right translation of "fun fair"!