11. März 2024

Easy Talk 15: Exercises

apparently to convince snobby hesitant leisure time to discover social dancing to hang out bareley cycling
kaum entdecken eingebildet überzeugen drinnen Freizeit Tanzkurs zögerlich abhängen, herumhängen Firma

What is the meaning of "to convince someone"?

Please tick the correct answer.

Please tick the right translation!


Ich lebe seit fünf Jahren in München.

Please listen and choose the right translation!


What is the correct translation for "company"?

Attention: There are two right answers, tick them please!



You meet someone again after many years.

What can you say?

Two answers are correct, tick them please!

Please listen and choose the correct answer!



What is "Fußball" called in the USA?

What do you call a person who belongs to a club?


Take a look at the picture, please!

What could one call this woman?

What is the meaning of "to hang out"?

Please tick the the correct answer.