9. März 2024

Easy Talk 13: Exercises

nail scissors familiar reunion farewell bustle aisle seat further away within whether next to each other
Trubel erzeugen Abschied innerhalb Zoll, Gebühr an Bord gehen Schere Ausgang Handgepäck vertraut, bekannt

Please have a look at the picture!

What kind of seats are this?



What is the meaning of the term "maybe"?

Choose the right translation, please!



What is another word for saying goodbye?

Please tick the right answer!

How do the people stand? Please tick the right term!


What goes together?

Tick the two terms, please!

Please listen! Tick the two correct translations!


Please listen! What is the correct translation?


Please take a look at the picture!

What is the correct term?


Where do find your luggage after landing?