3. April 2024

Come together 6: Exercises

linear to redevelop former planting to head out itinerary to host beyond due to recreational space
geradlinig sanieren ehemalig Bepflanzung sich auf den Weg machen Reiseroute veranstalten darüber hinaus aufgrund von, wegen Erholungsraum

What is the meaning of "to head out"?

Please tap the correct answer!

What is the meaning of "due to"?

Choice the correct answer, please!

Look at the picture and choose the right answer, please!


Please look at the picture!

Which word goes with it?


What is the opposite of "to be rude?"

Tap the correct term, please!

Please listen and tap the right translation!



Please listen and tap the correct translation!


What can be hosted?

There are two correct answers, tap them!