15. Juni 2024

Come together 12: Exercises

changeable to be lush reasonable to pour down glorious windswept hash browns rugged favourite landscape
ländliche Landschaft Thema in der Tat vernünftig, angemessen in Strömen regnen etwas ausmalen üppig unbeständig herrlich Betrag

You can translate "landscape" and "countryside" both as "Landschaft".

But there are differences, find them out.

Note: There are two correct answers!

Please have a look at the picture.

What is the name of this American dish?


You can use another word instead of "to imagine".

Tap the correct answer, please!

What word can you use for "fair and sensible"?

Please tap the correct answer!

Please look at the picture and tap the correct answer.


What belongs to an English cooked breakfast?

There are two correct answers!

Do you know the right term for "a quantity of something"?

Tap the correct one, please!

What can be "changeable"?

Choise the correct term, please!