15. Juni 2024

Come together 11: Exercises

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fließend Gehirn teilnehmen Vorteil erziehen, aufziehen Kindermädchen vermuten ermutigen behalten, sich merken in Bezug auf

Please read this defintion:

To learn (something) so well that you are able to remember it perfectly.

Which word is meant?

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Do you know the right term?

"The language that a person learns to speak first."

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Please listen - than tap the correct translation.


Please listen and tap the correct translation!


What's inside your head?

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 A woman who is paid to care for a young child usually in the child's home, is called a nanny.

What can nanny also mean?

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What is the meaning of "bilingual"?

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Please have a look at the picture.

What do you think, how does the man feel?


Who can give you advice?

Note: There are two correct answers!

Please read this defintion:

to make (someone) more determined, hopeful, or confident

Which word is meant?

Tap the correct one, please!