20. Oktober 2020

Come together Lesson 9

Food in New York

Food in New York  

Two friends are enjoying a day off in New York City.
They are talking about what do to and, most importantly, what to eat.

Tom: I have been so looking forward to spending this day together!

Pam: Me, too! Let’s make the most of it – What do you want to start with?

Tom: I definitely need a coffee first. What about you?

Pam: Yes, coffee sounds great.
  I know a place around here where they brew good coffee and make great bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.

  Tom: Sounds perfect, let’s go.

The two are sitting in the café. They are still talking about what to do and eat.

Tom: I would like to see the exhibition in the Studio Museum.
We will be able to grab something nice for lunch around there, too. I was thinking a bagel.

Pam: Hmmm, have you ever tried a Pastrami sandwich?

Tom: No, but I’ve always wanted to, let’s go for that!

Pam: We can take the subway to 5th Avenue from the Museum – I’d like to buy some new shoes.

Tom: OK, I’m in!
I could use a new watch. And while we are there, we can have a piece of cheesecake.

Pam: You mean New York cheesecake?

Tom: Yes, I tried it when I was a kid and I’ve always longed to eat it again since.

Pam: I am not so fond of cheesecake, but I’ll find something else.
Maybe in the evening we can go to Broadway.

We can grab something for dinner and then listen to some good music in one of the bars.

Tom: Sounds like we are going to have tons of fun today!