14. Oktober 2020

Come together Lesson 7

Life in New York City (I)

Life in New York City (I) 

Lucy is discovering the streets of New York when she suddenly drops her umbrella.

When she stops and bends over to pick it up, someone bumps into her.
Surprised she turns around and they start talking.

Man: Gosh, I’m sorry! You stopped so suddenly, I couldn’t react fast enough.

Lucy: Don’t worry, I guess it is my fault. I’ve noticed how fast the New Yorkers walk.
I should have been more careful!

Man: Yes, it’s strange – people here always walk fast, whether they are in a hurry or not.

It is the city with all this traffic and the hustle and bustle. It kind of pushes you forward all the time.

Lucy: I think I actually like it – it makes you feel so alive.

  Man: That’s what I think, too.
On the other hand, it always makes you feel stressed out, even when you are on a day off, like I am today. 

Lucy: So you were not actually heading to work or an appointment?

Man: No. I’m just so used to walking at this speed.
I know it sounds crazy, but that’s a side effect of living in New York City.

Basically, if you want to live in New York and not drown in chaos, you have to follow some rules.

Lucy: I’d love to hear them! I am a journalist for a German newspaper. Do you have time for a coffee?

Man: Actually I do – and there’s my favourite café right there on the corner.