22. September 2020

Come together Lesson 1

Growing up in the 50s, 60s and 70s (I)

After spending a day with their grandchildren, a couple talk about their own childhoods and how being a child has changed.

John: Well, that was a fun day with the kids. But now I am tired and ready for a nice beer.

Lisa: Yes, they really are adorable children, I am so grateful.
The only thing is that I sometimes think they are a little bit spoiled.

John: What do you mean?

Lisa: I mean all those toys and clothes and that they have so many hobbies,
I wonder if they ever have time to actually just play and be children.

John: Well, we are a big family and everybody wants to get them nice things.

Every Christmas, every birthday, even for Easter we get them Barbies, trucks, rollerblades, you name it.

Lisa: You’re right. And it makes them so happy.

I love seeing their faces when they open up the presents.

But I think the fact that they are not independent is worse than having all those material things.

John: What do you mean by independent? They are still quite young.

Lisa: I mean, when I was a child, it was normal for me to walk to meet my friends.
My parents didn’t drive me around everywhere.

And nobody worried as long as we were back before it got dark.