14. März 2022

Road Lesson 22 (2022)

This lesson is for repetition and consolidation. Therefore, there is no dialogue here.

The vocabulary quiz contains words from the last four lessons



Look at the picture, please!

What is the right term?



What can your hear?

Tick the two right answers, please!

Please listen - then tick the two right answers!



What is the meaning of "to be scared" ?

Tick the right answer, please!

What do you need (brauchen) for an "evening attire"?

Three answers are right!



Please look at the picture!

What are the two right terms ? Tick them, please!


What is the difference between "some/something" and "any/anything" ?

Choose the correct answer, please!

What is the correct translation for "ein Foto machen"?


What is the meaning of "to offer something" ?

Please tick the right answer!



Please have a look at the picture below (unten, unterhalb)!

What is the correct meaning?


What is the meaning of "to take care of something"?