18. Januar 2022

Road Lesson 2 (2022)

The flight was…

Bettina and Mark are arriving at Phoenix airport. In the arrivals hall, Bettina’s friend is waiting for them.

a) They say hello and talk about the flight

Susan: Hello Bettina, hello Mark! It is nice to see you!

Mark: It is nice to see you, too!

Susan: How was your flight?

Mark: It was a little long, but good. Very quiet.

b) How was the flight?

Susan: Were there a lot of people on the plane?

Mark: Yes, there were a lot, it was very crowded.

Susan: Are you tired?

Mark: A little bit. It  was too cold to sleep.

Susan: Would you like to come to my place?

Mark: Yes, we would like to freshen up a little.

Susan: Ok, let’s go!

There were turbulences!

There were no blankets, ear phones, newspapers.

My flight was: nice, comfortable,terrible/awful, exhausting/tiring ,crowded

After the flight, I would like to: rest, take a nap,  sleep, change (clothes), eat/drink something, go to the hotel