24. Februar 2022

Road Lesson 12 (2022)

In a national park

The couple wants to go on a hike down the Grand Canyon. They go to the information center.

a) They meet people, who are just coming back from a hike.

Bettina: You look tired. How long was your hike?

Woman: It was three days long.

Bettina: Did you go all the way down to the river?

Woman: Yes, we went all the way down to the Colorado river.

Bettina: And did you swim in the river?

Woman: No, we did not swim, it is not allowed.

b) They keep talking about their experiences in the Grand Canyon National Park

Woman:At first we did not find the campground, but after two hours we found it…and then we were very hungry!

Bettina: Is it a good campground?

Woman:Yes, it is very well located. The restaurant there is very good.

Bettina:What did you eat?

Woman: I ate a big steak with fries.

Bettina:And did you drink a good wine?

Woman: Yes, we drank a little too much!

In a National Park: a grocery store, a tour guide,  a day trip, a trail

Activities: to gather, to get on a bus / to get off a bus, to queue / to make the que