15. August 2016

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Dos and Don’ts in the United Kingdom

The English seem to be formal in behaviour, dress and communication. Politeness, self-discipline and a certain sense of humour are typically English.

Address people you don’t know with Mr Miller or Mrs Snider. Introduce yourself with Hannes Meyer. Usually the English are quite easygoing. They will say to you: “Call me John, please.” 

When you arrive at work or at school you can hear “Hello”, “Hi” or “Good morning”. Shaking hands is done when people meet for the first time and are introduced to each other. They don’t do that to say “Hello” or “Good bye”.

It is not common to kiss. But if you haven’t met a dear friend for a long time then it is one kiss on the cheek. If you are shaking hands with someone then the usual greeting is:

“How are you?” “I’m fine, thank you. And you?”

“Nice to meet you” “Nice to meet you, too. ”

“Pleased to meet you.” “Pleased to meet you, too.”


For Germans it looks strange that people form well-behaved queues and wait patiently for the moment boarding the bus or tube. You have to wait in the line and must not push to the front. “Queue jumping” is very much disliked.


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