21. März 2016

Board Lesson 2

On the bus

Driver: Good morning, how are you?

Bettina: Good morning, I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Driver: I’m fine, too.


Bettina: Where are you from?

Lady: I’m from France.

Bettina: Oh, you are French! I am German. My name is Bettina, what is your name?


Lady: My name is Sophie. Nice to meet you.

Bettina: Nice to meet you, too.


Bettina: He is my husband. His name is Mark.

Sophie: She is my friend. Her name is Julie.



Numbers: 11=eleven   12=twelve   13=thirteen   14=fourteen   15=fifteen   16=sixteen   17= seventeen   18=eighteen   19=nineteen   20 = twenty


my husband, my wife, my partner, my girlfriend/boyfriend, my parents, my father, my mother

European countries: Spain/Spanish   Italy/Italian   Scotland/Scottish   Denmark/Danish   Belgium/Belgian   Poland/Polish   Greece/Greek   Portugal/Portugese