26. April 2019

Easy talk Lesson 2

At the restaurant: Ordering a meal

Server:   Are you ready to order?
Mr. Taylor:   Yes, we are.
Server:   Would you like a starter?
Mr. Taylor:   We will all have the French onion soup.
Server:   Good. And for the main course?
Mr. Taylor:   I will have the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas, please.
Server:   How would you like the beef, Sir? Rare, medium or well done?
Mr. Taylor:   Well-done, please.
Server:    Very well.
Mr. Taylor:   Then we will have two portions of chicken, one with chips instead of the risotto. Is that possible?
Server:   Certainly.
Mr. Taylor:   Oh wait, I would actually like to try the risotto.
  Could I have a small portion of it on the side?
Server:   Of course.
Mr. Taylor:   The lobster for my wife and the pasta for the children.
Server:   Thank you. I´ll bring it out to you soon.