26. April 2019

Easy talk Lesson 2

At the restaurant: Ordering a meal

Server:   Are you ready to order?
Mr. Taylor:   Yes, we are.
Server:   Would you like a starter?
Mr. Taylor:   We will all have the French onion soup.
Server:   Good. And for the main course?
Mr. Taylor:   I will have the roast beef with mashed potatoes and peas, please.
Server:   How would you like the beef, Sir? Rare, medium or well done?
Mr. Taylor:   Well-done, please.
Server:    Very well.
Mr. Taylor:   Then we will have two portions of chicken, one with chips instead of the risotto. Is that possible?
Server:   Certainly.
Mr. Taylor:   Oh wait, I would actually like to try the risotto.
  Could I have a small portion of it on the side?
Server:   Of course.
Mr. Taylor:   The lobster for my wife and the pasta for the children.
Server:   Thank you. I´ll bring it out to you soon.


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Look at the picture, please! What is the name of the fish?

Tick the right answer, please!


Look at the picture below and choose the right answer, please!



Please look at the picture and tick the right answer!

Please listen! What is the correct translation?


What is the translation for "leicht angebraten" ? Tick the right answer, please!



Look at the picture, please! Tick the right (two) answers, please!